Whenever I'm not working officially, I like to tinker on some project or another. Sometimes they're an itch I just need to scratch, other times they are just silly ideas to test new technologies. Here's whatever I'm working on these days.

Untitled CRM Project

I've had a product/startup in my mind for a few years and unfortunately, no one has come close to developing it yet. I tried working part-time with friends on it as a startup many years ago, but we ended up with a product with a diluted vision and a lack of ownership.

Back in the day, I wanted a new type of customer relationship database. I was a consultant who met with various stakeholders and I would need to prepare before my meetings by doing research on my customers. Who were they? What do they like? Can I look up news about their business and their activity sector so I could ask appropriate questions and create a good rapport?

Similarly, my father in law was a huge hockey fan but I knew nothing about it. In order to impress him, I would sometimes look up the latest news so I could start a conversation about the latest happenings with the Canadiens whenever we visited.

My role and my interests have since shifted: I am currently more obsessed about coaching others and doing my best to see people around me grow. Nevertheless, the core mission of having a smart agent feeding you insights about how to be more empathic remains. I believe that there is an untapped niche in SaaS tools that can help us have better human interactions and grow together.

Tech stack

Naturally, I wanted to try a few new technologies while building out this project, so here's what I'm using:
  • Typescript
  • Yoga GraphQL
  • React (latest and meanest)
  • Apollo Client (let's see if I can avoid Redux)

Interested in the project? Feel free to reach out to chat and I can keep you updated on the progress :).

My Face
Hi, I'm Alex! I'm a hack of all trades who's obsessed with engineering, leadership, security and startups.
Feel free to reach out for consulting, conferences or just advice over beers/coffee!